A touch of Greece in Jamaica can be found here at Mykonos in Ocho Rios. With delicious options such as Vegetable Moussaka, Gyros, Kabobs, and Baklava, this is the place to be when you have a craving for traditional Greek dishes! Try one of their most popular dishes...ribs soaked in pepsi, developed by the owner's son.

Address: 12 Main Street
City: Ocho Rios
Phone: 876-390-7700
Price: $$
Dress: Casual
Average: 5 (3 votes)
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Wow i went to both places you

Wow i went to both places you guys are right the food at both places is amazing we love it .The Greek and Mexican cuisines at the restaurants were amazing these guys are geniuses and have single handedly upgraded the cuisine in Ochi by 100% thank you guys for the great food .

i went to this place and it

i went to this place and it was the best ever. the owner has a second restaurant opened a month ago.its by the riu resort called Caliente. the best live lobster and all entrees are crazy. you cant go wrong.the ribs even better. you go to mykonos and ask him to take you at Caliente.worth the drive. 100 percent safe.

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