Bath Fountain, St. Thomas

A hot mineral springs located in St.Thomas Jamaica is said to have natural healing powers. Many people who have visited this attraction with ailments, aches, and pains, have left suddenly cured. You must see this for yourself.

Location: Bath, St.Thomas

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Yes, Jamaica is really cool!

Yes, Jamaica is really cool! the greater its healing springs ...

Massage at Bath Fountain Mineral Springs.

I had such a healing experience at the hot mineral bath at Bath Fountain I want to share it with everyone. I called ahead to Rhasta Steve at 1-876-487-4958 and he met our car at the Botanical Gardens, at the bottom of the hill and we had no problem with the men that rush your car when you arrive. We had no hassles what so ever, with our Rhasta man they left us alone.
Our Rhasta man has been doing massages for 26 years now and his massage oil is for sale to bring home. (Cheap). The massage is far better than some of the expensive massages I get at home in the health spa. He truly has the magic touch. One of the best neck massages and by far the best foot massage ever.
Book ahead and Rhasta Steve can do the mud wrap to remove the impurities in your skin. well worth the extra time that I booked with him ahead of time. and No hassles when you have the right Rhasta man guiding you up the mountain.
Do not recommend going it alone. It's tricky, if you don't know where to step and which way to go to get to the hot mineral water, it can be slippery. Rhasta Steve showed us every step and made sure we didn't fall.
It's an experience you will come back for each and every time you go to Jamaica. A memory you take home with you, will keep you hoping to come back soon.
The healing powers are remarkable, Rhasta Steve will tell you the whole story and the history behind the mineral springs. Then bring back a couple small bottle of the massage oil for your legs and feet when you get home.Feels great on the skin. So worth the journey and that magic touch of Rhasta Steve.
This is a High 5 recommendation!

Re: Ratsa Steve

Thank You sooooo much for the information. You have made my life much easier. I saw a documentary on this man and fell in love with the idea of him working on me. Being a therapist myself he is my holy grail. A friend is taking me for a birthday present for a weekend now I can check this one off my bucket list. Thanks again for your detailed review. I'm excited all over again.

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