Outameni Experience, Trelawny

Take a walk through the Outameni experience for a history lesson on Jamaica's heritage. Learn how the first inhabitants lived on the island in caves all the way through to modern times. You'll see how other cultures such as Spanish, British, Indian and Chinese have "come together" and influenced the island. Hence the phrase "Outameni" meaning come together.

The one hour guided tour is filled with guest participation in chanting to call on the spirits, singing, dancing, and actors who perform a skit through each period of time.

Location: Coopers Pen, Trelawny (Off Highway A1, across from Starfish Hotel)
Admission: JA Residents: JMD $1,500 Adults, $750 Children 5-11, Free for Children under 5. Non Residents: USD $36 Adults, $18 Children
Hours: Th-Sa 10:00am - 3:00pm. Tour begins in 30 minute intervals. (For groups of 40 or more reservations are available for Sunday-Wednesday visits)


I was pleasantly surprised by my trip to Outameni in Trewlany. The guide was very friendly and fun to tour with.

You start off by gathering in a hut where you do a fun chant to call on the spirits. Then the guide teaches you an answer phrase to use throughout the tour, so when she calls, "what yuh wanna do now" you answer "follow back a yuh" (indicated in patois).

The props and actors vary depending on what period and culture you're visiting. For instance the earlier years they're dressed in caveman costumes with spears and such, and the British years actors speak with an English accent and dress just the same. In some of the periods, you get to dance along with the actors which makes the experience fun. 3-5 minute videos are played throughout the tour to provide an even more in depth description on what took place in Jamaica's history as it pertains to the period.

I would recommend this for those interested in Jamaica's history, and especially school age children.

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