Dolphin Cove, Ocho Rios

Jamaica's best maritime attraction is Dolphin Cove in Ocho Rios. There are many activities to take part in here and it can very well take up the whole day.
For the basic entry fee, you can see the dolphins at play, snorkel with stingrays and hold them (barbs are removed), see a shark show, and take a stroll along the jungle trail where you can see tropical birds, iguanas and snakes, and take pictures as they perch up on your shoulder (if you wish). In addition, there is a mini boat that you can operate on your own, kayaking, and a beach.

For upgraded programs, you can interact with the dolphins with "The Touch Encounter" which allows you to be up close and personal with a Dolphin knee deep in water where you can feel its skin, kiss it, and see tricks, have an "Encounter Swim" where you're body is submerged in the water with one dolphin, touching it and watching it do tricks, "Swim With The Dolphins" where two dolphins may give you a dorsal pull or a foot push, "Swim, Hold, and Feed Sharks", and lastly become Seakeeper which gives you a behind the experience on food preparation, intimating feeding behavior and more.
There is so much to do here for the entire family. Kids under 6 are free with two adult admissions, and pregnant women are not allowed to participate in the encounter swim or swimming with the dolphins.

Location: Ocho Rios, across from Dunns River Falls
Admission (all in USD, obtained April 2009): Entry $45, Touch Encounter $67, Encounter Swim $129, Swim With Dolphins $195, Swim Hold Feed Sharks $119, Sea Keeper $600.
Hours: Daily 8:30am-5:30pm
Phone: 876-974-5535

A Fun Day

I'm really not a huge fan of seeing animals in captivity so it made me a little sad to see the dolphins when I first walked in. I would've like to see them have a lot more room to swim than what they have.
All in all, my friends and I had a good time. There's so much to do here and it can be an all day excursion. It was a great experience to be up close and personal with the stingrays and the dolphins which is something I don't think I would've ever done. I also took a picture with a parrot on my shoulder, which hurt because it was digging its claws into my skin, and also an iguana which I thought was cool. The Touch Encounter program suited my friends and I just find.

I love it!

Dolphin Cove is a place you must visit when you are in Ocho Rios! Although it's pretty expensive, it is a full day outing. Following a brief orientation, we first started out with the dolphin encounter. While standing in the edge of the water we watched the dolphin perform cool tricks such as waving, spinning, and jumping. I've seen dolphin shows at Sea World in Florida, but being this close to them is a totally different experience! We even got to pet and kiss the dolphin, it was great! I would recommend wearing water shoes when doing this since the place you stand is covered with this spongy moss and there are little fish swimming around, which were nipping at my toes. It made me a little preoccupied when all I wanted to do was enjoy the dolphins.
Another thing we did was the sting ray encounter, this was so cool! After snorkeling with them, the instructor brought one over, her name was Angelina, to educate us on sting rays and to let us hold her! She felt like a combination of a puppy and a big shiitake mushroom!
On our way to the beach, we walked through the jungle trail where we got to pose and take pictures with parrots sitting on your shoulder (they take the picture and you can buy it for $5) and with this 3-legged iguana (the guy said he lost one of his legs by a fight with a dog).
We also took advantage of the glass bottom kayak and mini motor boat rides. The grounds were well kept and they had a lot of lounge chairs and umbrellas to hang out at the beach comfortably. All in all, I had so much fun at Dolphin Cove! I definitely recommend this trip!!!!

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