Little Ochie (Alligator Pond)

One of Jamaica's most popular and favorite seafood restaurants is the original Little Ochie located in Alligator Pond. This seaside restaurant lives up to all the hype with delicious and freshly cooked seafood. Once you choose your fish or lobster, the chef prepares it as per the menu choices (fried, jerk, grilled, etc). After about 25-30 minutes, your meal is brought to your table located in a bungalow/hut by the beach. To start, try the fish soup (also called fish tea) followed by jerk or fried fish along with festival as a side order.

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It was well worth the journey

It was well worth the journey from Montego Bay, the choice of seafood was good, they have even begun to do fried chicken which my 4 year old loved. The atmosphere was relaxed the music played the waves gently lapped the sea shore and I was really ready to unwind and begin my vacation. We had ordered various dishes when the food arrived it was something to behold (eating with your eyes came to mind). I have not been able to get the vision of the dishes out of my mind. The chef was very flexible nothing was too much for him he took it in his stride. Looking forward to our next holiday.

Anne Marie

ur always welcome there the

ur always welcome there the food is amazing and tantalizing to my taste buds!!!!!everytime i go there i enjoy every moment of it.even the seafood festival was a bomb enjoyd my self!!!!!!

Blacks and the crew! Giz

Blacks and the crew! Giz here. I was in Winnipeg and ran into some people going to Ja; I recommended the major One stop seafood place - Little Ochie. The crew of us -from Newport- who used to visit this spot, sometimes trice on week-ends, while we lived in Ja; still remember. Man like Becky, Bongo; place like Bottom Bay, Hudson Bay, Port Kaiser,Guts River,Canoe Valley,Plowden all bring back fond memories. Keep up the good work,will keep sending folks to this spot. I hope to drop-in soon myself. Hold strain, keep the faith 'til then.


Every time I visit a new

Every time I visit a new country, I try to ask the locals, "What is your favorite restaurant?" Pretty much everyone says the best place for seafood, hands down, is Little Ochie in Alligator Pond. Even tough it is 2 1/2 hour drive from Negril, I needed to check this place out!
Little Ohie is a casual beach restaurant, which serves lobster, shrimp, crab, and conch, but is widely known for their fresh fish. This restaurant is definitely where the locals go, which is a good sign for fresh and affordable food!
Since I'm pretty sure it looked like it was my first time there, a friendly work came up to me to help me out. He asked what I wanted and when I said fried fish, he opened up this huge freezer and said, "Which one?" I got to choose the actual fish I wanted! I decided on a red snapper, but there was a variety of choices available. You pay by the pound and my fish came out to $400 Jamaican, around $5 US, as well as festival (this sweet hard bread) for $30 Jamaican, around .30 cents each!
I sat at a picnic table, which was in a hut right on the beach to wait for the food. While waiting, reggae music was playing in the background and I got to enjoy this cute little boy dancing to the tunes. This place must turn into a huge beach party in the later hours.
The food was brought to my table in plates covered in plastic wrap, I guess to keep flies off the food during the transport. The fried snapper was so delicious, I can see why people travel all the way to Alligator Pond for their food! It was flavorful, but not too salty. The fish came with pickled carrots, onions, and peppers, and along with the festival, was a very satisfy meal that came out less to $6 US dollars.! For the freshness and affordability of the food, LIttle Ochie is an absolute must to try if you will be in the Alligator Pond area. I highly recommend this restaurant for fresh seafood!

I was thoroughly pleased with

I was thoroughly pleased with the fish soup and jerk fish at this restaurant. It was the first time I've ever had jerk fish and Little Ochie definitely set the bar high. It was very flavorful and I would definitely go back when I'm in that area again.

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