Appleton Rum Tour, Black River

Take a beautiful drive to the south west of Jamaica to Black River’s Appleton Estates, home to one of the finest rums in the world, and the only Appleton factory in the world. Learn the basics of the distilling process from sugarcane to bottle including, taste, color, and aging all in a 45 minute guided tour. You'll also learn how and why the Appleton Estate 21 Year Old rum is the finest of the brand with its smoother, darker, and sweeter taste (the "rolls royce" of rums).
If you're lucky, you may meet the first and only female master blender in the world, Joy Spence (a.k.a. Joy of Rum) who's main office location is in Kingston, but visits the Black River location from time to time.
Afterwards, you may enjoy samples of rum (not all products but a good portion) and get a small souvenir to take home with you.

Location: Black River, Jamaica
Admission: JA residents $15, Non Residents $18
(Check daily exchange rates for JMD)
Hours: M-Sa 9:00-3:30, Closed Sundays

Phone: 876-963-9215


I love doing tours, I feel it is a great way to learn about the history of an area/product in a fun and interesting way. We decided to take the Appleton tour to learn more about the process of making rum, the popular drink of Jamaica. My friend and I went to Appleton in the morning before making a trip to YS falls. I'm glad we went early because our group was small, only 5 people and part of the tour is outdoors and it was really hot!
Our guide, Norman, was very informative and educated us on how the rum was made in the past. We also got a tour of the distillery. Warning, if you are pregnant, it would be advised not to take this tour because of the strong smells of the rum, especially in the distillery. I felt lightheaded and with being in the heat and having to climb up a lot of steps, you really have to watch out.
The highlight of the trip was the sampling of the different type of rums. Norman gave a bunch of mini cups and told us to help ourselves to like 8 full bottles of different types of rum! With each bottle he described the best way to drink the rum (drink it with soda, fruit juice, ice cream, etc.).
This tour was very informative and well worth the $18 US dollars! Highly recommended!


I enjoyed this tour because Appleton is my favorite rum. At the end of the tour, you can sample all the different types of rum to determine which one is your favorite, and which to take home. Here I found that I really like the Blue Mountain Mist which combines Rum with real Blue Mountain Coffee, and also the Sangsters Rumcream which is similar to Bailey's, except this has Rum instead of Whiskey.
I've also learned which ones to mix with soda, fruit, or not to mix with anything at all.
It's worth the trip, especially for those who love rum.

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