Rick’s Café (Jump!), Negril

Rick’s Café is the most visited attraction in Negril and famously known as one of the 1,000 places to go in your lifetime. From 30ft high you can take a leap off the famous cliff into the Caribbean sea. You may need to take a few practice leaps first from the 10ft and 12ft cliffs to ensure your form is right (pencil straight).

This is free of charge and you can jump as many times as you want. Just keep in mind that if you do jump, its courteous to leave the lifeguard on duty a tip (which of course is optional). But if you’re lucky, he’ll do a dive for you from a makeshift diving board made from wood, and secured to a tree about 75ft high. It’s so amazing to watch...these guys really should be in the Olympics.

Location: Negril, Jamaica
Admission: Free
Hours: Daily 12:00pm-10:00pm (Cliff jumping will likely stop at sunset)
Phone: 876-957-0380

great atmosphere, horrible food

$7 for chips and watered down jar flavored salsa is ridiculous to me. Pasta was bland and sauce was like chef boyardi sauce that I ate as a preschooler.
If I went back here again, I'd go to jump off the cliffs and for a coccktail and skip the food.

Beautiful Sunset

One of the biggest tourist attractions you must check out in Negril is Rick's Cafe. It's a huge restaurant/bar on the cliffs that has the most amazing view of the sunset. The other thing that draws people to Rick's is the cliff jumping. They have different heights of where you can jump, the short jump being 10' but can you can also jump from the 30' spot. I was a little apprehensive to jump off the cliff since it looked pretty high, but after watching two little 7 year old boys jumping, it couldn't be too scary.
Jumping off a cliff into the beautiful Negril waters was a definite adrenaline rush! You could cliff jump from any of the heights as many times as you like for free! There is a life guard on duty, but the jumping is at your own risk. People are jumping from different platforms at all times and there are boats, which drop people off from the hotels around the area so pretty much just "look before you leap."
They also have "professional" divers, who jump/dive from platforms 90' in the air and work for tips. Every 15-20 minutes, they will walk around the crowd asking for tips to jump from this little wooden platform in a tree. Its pretty amazing that they can jump from these heights! Once in the water, they get out by climbing the cliff rocks without any equipment in their bare feet! It's crazy, they call him "Spider Man"! It's definitely worth the few bucks you drip in their buckets.
Instead of going to the bar, I decided to hang out in the pool to watch the sunset. There is a waitress who will take drink and appetizer orders and they have lounge benches and a limited sitting area, but since most people come to do the cliff jumping or eat at the restaurant it was not difficult to find a spot at the pool.
If you'll be in Negril, you MUST check out Rick's Cafe.


I love Rick's Cafe and make it a point to go there every time I'm in Negril. Earlier in the day it's much less crowded, but if you want to see a gorgeous sunset then its best to go later in the day.
I tried to jump off the 25ft cliff but I couldn't muster the confidence to do it, so I did the 10ft cliff which was a little more on my level and still felt great. One of these days I'll do the 30ft cliff jump...some people make it look so easy! Keep in mind that like most other things, you're jumping at your own risk.
The highlight is to watch the divers jump from the tree and do back flips, a reverse dive, pike, tuck, and all sorts of dives. If you name it, they could probably do it.
The food is okay but the cliffs are definitely what draws people here.

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