Y.S. Falls, Black River

Much less crowded then Ocho Rios’ Dunn’s River falls and found deep in the country, Y.S. Falls is well worth the trip to Black River. This is nature at its best; natural spring pools, pristine gardens, and tropical fish and birds.
And for those adventure seekers, rope jumps, canopy rides, and tubing are also available.

Tip: Bring swimwear and water shoes (to cushion you from the rocky riverbed)

Location: Black River, Jamaica
Admission: JA Residents: $550 Adults, $350 Children, Non Residents: $15 Adults, $7.50 Children
Hours: T-Su 9:30am-3:30pm (Closed Mondays)
Phone: 876-997-6360 
Website: http://www.ysfalls.com/

Cool and Relaxing

Just came back from YS Falls and I absolutely loved it! It is such a beautiful and picturesque place, I could've spent the whole day there easily. When you fist get there you have to take a tractor pull ride up to the falls. It was only around a 5 minute ride, but it is a little bumpy so if you get car sick, sit as close to the front and the side of the cart as possible. Once to the top there a 4-5 levels you can enjoy the waterfalls by climbing the wooden staircase. One of the levels has a rope swing you can use to enter the pools. You have to wear special gloves to swing from the rope that are provided and I don't think there is an age limit because kids were doing it! This was a little daring for me so I walked up to the next level where you can simply walk into the pools.
A little piece of advice, wear water socks or Teva sandals because the ground is very rocky. I didn't bring these, but wish I did. It was slow walking in the beginning, but once you are deeper, it's all good! The water is really cold in the beginning, but absolutely refreshing! You could sit under the waterfalls or simply bake in the sun while laying out on the huge rocks and enjoy the view. Make sure you bring your camera, you wont want to miss these sights!

Very Refreshing

The difference between YS Falls and Dunns River Falls is that YS is more of a place for swimming in pools of water, where as Dunns River is more for climbing up the rocks of the falls (there's no climbing at YS Falls). I love both of these attractions each for different reasons, but YS is great because its tucked away deeper into the island, and you see beautiful mountain views along the way. Swimming is so nice and refreshing, especially on a hot day and tropical fish are in the water as well.
Just be careful of the rocks on the bed of the river (as most rivers have), they could hurt if you don't place your foot down properly.

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