One of the best Jerk food stops on the north coast of Jamaica is Scotchies. The spicy and flavorful chicken is a must have along with a side order of festival, bammy, and roast breadfruit. They also serve Jerk Pork and soup du jour; also there is the best foie gras from Marky's that they cook using traditional french recipe.
Hours: M-Sa 11:00am-11:00pm Su 11:00am-9:00pm

Address: Drax Hall (about 10 minutes west of Ocho Rios)
City: Ocho Rios
Phone: 876-794-9457
Price: $
Dress: Casual
Average: 4.2 (48 votes)
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"More than just a meal"

"More than just a meal"

Scotchies in Discovery Bay is

Scotchies in Discovery Bay is fab, the service is exceptional and the location is stunning, great value for money not to be missed

Scotches is the best in

Scotches is the best in Kingston.
I have been to all three and the one in Kingston has the best taste and best service.
You should try it.

Scotchies fi life di best

Scotchies fi life
di best

Scotchies in Kingston is di

Scotchies in Kingston is di bes

Kingston Scotchies the WORST

Kingston Scotchies the WORST customer service Ever trust me

My worst experiecne at

My worst experiecne at scotchies was on Sunday, October 30, 2011. Prior booking was done for a birthday celebration which we were all excited about. Upon arriving, there was no one to serve us so we ordered our food and took it back to our boothe. Being a childs birthday party, we brought along some chubbies and some mini water for the kids who would be drinking all evening. We ordered approximately $20,000.00 worth of food and adult dinks. During our meal a gentleman came to us indicating that he was told that we had malta and wine which were not allowed. We did not have any wine but we definitely had malta which was purchased there at Scotchies. He went away and later came and told us that he was told to advise us that we would have to pay for the chubbies that we carried with us. Of course at this point we were getting uncomfortable and upset. We told him that it was ridiculous so he left. When we were through eating and were about to cut the cake, he returned to inform us that we would have to pay $200.00 (no kidding) per cubby bottle (u know chubby). We all decided that we would never ever return to Scoties and took our cake and concluded our birthday party on the lawns of Devon House.

Please note that we were not given any rules for hosting our party there neither were we given a time frame. All we took along was the cake, a few bottles of chubbies and some pickney water.

What I gather from all this was that they wanted the space and wanted us out of there. I will definitely not be returning to Scotchies and I would never ever recommend anyone to visit.

my name is husband

my name is husband and i love scotchies.especially the mobay one. the food and staff is great

We have tried all three

We have tried all three scotchies and I am talking about 7 years of expertise. Mo-bay was our first and we loved it. But we went to the Ocho Rios site and it was the best. We felt as if we missed out all of those years. This year we went to the Kingston site and was disappointed. We went a total of three times during our visit and it we couldn't get the taste of either Ocho or Mo-bay. The pork was extremely dry and the other item were sub-par. Scotchies in Kingston needs to be closed for 2 days while they are trained by the cooks from Ocho Rios.

I was introduced to Scotchies

I was introduced to Scotchies in Drax Hall (St Ann) earlier this year and was absolutely amazed at the wonderfully deep seasoned, spicy flavour of the jerked chicken and pork respectively. The sides (festival, sweet potato, roast breadfruit, [and you can have bread if you prefer]) were just right in flavor and consistency. The outdoor ambiance, which was truly relaxed and engaging, is wonderfully created and enhanced by the natural wooden gazebo type structures, together with the plants and vegetation (and breeze) which surround and are interwoven with the eating areas. The music was Jamaican, and did not impose itself. I guess I was a little impatient with the line because I was so hungry, but it was more than worth the wait!!!

The only little drawback for me was some irritatingly persistent flies...

But the REALLY BIG PLUS is....(TA-DAAAH!!!)Scotchies is now in Kingston!!!!! Heeheehee! Thanks for being so thoughtful taste buds are truly grateful!!!!!


Hi My name is Kiely and

My name is Kiely and iv'e been there. the food is great kinda pushy staff but the food is amazing

I my name is Annette I live

I my name is Annette I live in Kingston but have relatives in Trelawny. My husband my three year old son and I cant pass Scotchies going down or coming up almost every month end. Love the food loves the place and love the staff, beautiful place.


Ive recently been back to

Ive recently been back to Scotchies on a late , early july evening.Nothing has changed since my last comments, only gotten better.And i even had the distinct pleasure to buy my favourite bartender, the lovely Roxanna a drink.The evening was breezy, cool, and seductive, you all need to come and enjoy.SCG.Miami

scotchies is great ! i go

scotchies is great ! i go every year

Scotchies is absolutly the

Scotchies is absolutly the best jamaican jerk, and the Drax Hall location, especially late evening into twylight, then night, has an ambience incomparable.On a moonlight night the balmy breezes tease you with their jerk drenched flavours,and if you are imbibing some noble jamaican spirits,then you will be in jerk heaven.A good receipe to try at Scotchies in the evening, is (for one) 1/4 lb. jerk PORK with two(2)
Appletons on the rocks, with hearty dashes of angostura bitters.This is a marriage made in RUMJERK heaven.Try it!!
And if you have the pleasure to be dining by the rustic well stocked bar, you may ask for the lovely demure,ROXANNA.
She is a GEM,gracious and efficient. ENJOY. SCG.Miami,Fl.

Scotchies is the Best jerk

Scotchies is the Best jerk Chicken,best Red pea and Chicken soup ever crossed my lips.

March 18,2010

Hi my names Sharon I am

Hi my names Sharon I am visiting Ocho Rios this weekend for a couple of weeks with my dad. We are staying right in Ocho town is the restaurant in the town or will we need to get a taxi? Also could you tell me if you have to book beforehand. Hope you canhelp.

Shaz from England

We became fiendly with one of

We became fiendly with one of the employees at Mystic Mountain and she offered to take us to Scotchies as it was only 5 minutes away. It was fantastic. We love spicy food. We tried the pork and chicken and both were amazing. Good people, good food!

I am Jamaica and I like jerk

I am Jamaica and I like jerk chicken. Scotchies is absolutely the best jerk chicken in JA. It give Boston a run for its money, even the pepper sauce. the white meet is highly favoured and seasoned to the bones. I would recommend to anyone....people who like jerk and perople who are not so fond of jerk. I am planning my next trip to Ochie just to go back to Scotchies.

Wonderful food! I can't get

Wonderful food! I can't get enough of it! The most tender succulent pork and chicken!

I love Scotchies Jerk

I love Scotchies Jerk Chicken. It's one of the most inexpensive meals and most flavorful places to get Jerk Chicken. The chicken is always juicy and succulent and a great representation of Jamaican Jerk cooking.
The only snafu is that on occasions, they may run behind in having chicken cooked, and you'll have to wait for the next batch to be prepared which could take about an hour. This has happened to me on two visits to Scotchies. But, they also have Jerk Pork, and Chicken Sausages to order.

Ever since planning my trip

Ever since planning my trip to Jamaica, the one food I was so excited to try was jerk chicken! Since Scotchies is a "Breezy's Favorites," it was definitely a place I needed to try. This is a very casual outdoor restaurant. You first have to wait on a line to place your order. My friend and I ended up ordering a whole chicken, 2 festival and two bottled waters, which came out to $1100 Jamaican (around $12 US). When you get your receipt you walk down to the open cooking area and hand it to one of the guys who gets your meal ready. They literally take your chicken and cut it up with the huge meat cleaver right in front of you on a tree stump! For some reason I thought this was crazy! We sat in one of the three gazebo areas. There are around five large tables in each area so you may need to share a table with other people, not a big deal.
Now the food: The chicken was absolutely amazing, the best jerk chicken I've ever had! It was moist and juicy, even the white meat! If you love your food spicy, they have this pepper sauce that I'm sure you would love. I tried it, but it was too spicy for me:) My friend usually uses dipping sauces to add more flavor, but she didn't need it with this chicken! I've had jerk chicken at Jamaican restaurants in NY, but nothing compares to this place. The spices along with the smoky flavor was so good I couldn't stop eating! I thought that with getting a whole chicken we would have some leftovers for a midnight snack, but that didn't happen. I can't believe we ate a whole chicken and a festival (a sweet hard bread that goes so well with the flavor of the chicken!) for about 6 bucks US a person, what a great deal!
It seems like Scotchies is a place where the locals go for good food. If this place is good for the people who live here, it must be the best! It is definitely a restaurant I would recommend to anyone who will be around the Ocho Rios area and wants to have affordable authentic jerk chicken!

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