Rick’s Café

The cliff diving and ocean view at Rick's Cafe are amazing. The menu offers a wide variety of choices like the West End Trio which includes steak, chicken, and fish, the Lobster Linguini and many other specials which will satisfy your cravings.

Before you eat, take a jump off the 30 foot cliff into the warm awaiting waters of the sea. Or, watch the local lifeguard take a dive of a tree about 70ft high, and make sure to have your camera ready because this is truly a site to see.
This is a Breezy Favorite for the cliff diving, decor, and friendly service.

Address: West End
City: Negril
Phone: 876-957-0380
Price: $$$$
Dress: Casual
Website: Rick's Cafe
Average: 1.7 (3 votes)
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