Bibibips Jerkin' at Taj

Conveniently located inside the Taj Mahal shopping center and just a few paces from the pier for cruise ships, Bibibips offers Jerk prepared food for the daily visitors from around the world.

Address: Main St (Taj Mahal)
City: Ocho Rios
Price: $$
Dress: Casual
Average: 2.4 (8 votes)
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To be fair, it's been a

To be fair, it's been a couple of years since I've been to Bibibips, but I've always found their jerk chicken to be AWESOME! One year I visited on my birthday and they bought me a Red Stripe. Sorry about others experiences, but unless it's gone downhill over the last couple of years, I have no idea what these folks are talking about. I love the place!

Ok, I got it. I am afraid to

Ok, I got it. I am afraid to hear such poor service in a restaurant. You must complain to the manager. If I were in your place, really I would throw all the food to the manager face. I feel sorry for you. However, I love to eat Jamaican food. It is same like Nepali food. Last time, I had visited Greenwood Dining near Indianapolis. The well service, friendly staff nature and cheap price of foods and beverage makes me happy. The Jamaican food of that place is delicious.

Oh my gosh, I cannot tell you

Oh my gosh, I cannot tell you how disappointed I was with Bibibips! I absolutely love the flavors of Jamaican food and with a short time in Ocho Rios, we decided on going to this restaurant since its pretty much the first one you see when entering Ocho Rios. From the outside, this restaurant looked really promising; a lot of outdoor seating, an open kitchen, and really good reggae music.
When first looking at the menu, I was a little taken back by the prices! For example, they sell their beef patties for $4US when you can walk down the block to Juicie (fast food patty restaurant) for less than a buck! I honestly was thinking of leaving the restaurant and find something a little more affordable, but I was tired from walking around all morning and didn't want to miss out on a possibly good meal just because it was a little more money that I was thinking of spending for lunch. I decided on getting a coconut curry chicken, which came with rice and peas and festival ($15US). Let me tell you, this was the most bland and poor excuse for Jamaican food I've had! I actually had the same dish on my flight down to Jamaica, which was better than this! The chicken was cubed white meat which was doused with a weak curry type sauce! There was no simmering of flavors at all! The rice was hard and had a moth ball taste to it, ughhh, I'm gagging just by reliving the meal! I'm pretty easy to please in the food department, but I barely ate half the meal because it tasted so disgusting! Since we were on a time crunch, it wasn't even worth it to send the food back!
The only thing that this restaurant did right was that they brought out the food fairly quickly, but thinking about it, if my meal would have turned out edible, I would have gladly waited an extra 15-30 minutes for the food to be cooked properly! Looking at the menu, this restaurant definitely caters to tourists due to its proximity to the cruise ships and only showing US prices, but come on, Americans know the taste of crappy food and thats what Bibipips serves! I should've known the food would suck since there were no locals. If you are in Ocho Rios stay away from this restaurant!

Be warned, this restaurant is

Be warned, this restaurant is awful. Aside from the food being overpriced and quoted only in USD, the food tasted awful. I ordered the chicken sandwich and they said they didn't have any lettuce or tomatoes to go with it because they ran out. They also didn't have any straws when I requested one for my beverage. When the food came out, it reminded me of the lunches I got in High School (which wasn't good). For $14.99, I got a few pieces of cubed chicken inside a stale bun (which I wasn't expecting from the description of a Chicken Burger) and burnt fries.
In addition to the awful food, for some reason they allowed peddlers to come inside the dining area to sell their products like CDs or trinkets which was a huge turn off.
When leaving, I walked past the cooking area (which is outside) and saw the french fry cooker was filthy.
This is a poor example of what Jamaican food is and I would NOT recommend visiting this establishment. They have a significant amount of improving to do.
This is the most money I spent in a long time and it was NOT worth it. I've had much better food for just the fraction of the price. If you're in this area, I would either go to John Crows which is just a few doors down from here, Hong Kong International, or take a 10 minute drive to Scotchies in Drax Hall.

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